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To help new companies / new products define their value proposition, position & differentiate themselves and acquire paying customers. To nurture and iteratively adapt their product and go to market strategies till a scalable and viable model is proven i.e. till they reach product-market fit. 

To help older organizations re-invent and re-purpose themselves for a better, more dynamic and faster growth. 

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B R I T U A L S . C O M

The True Measure of Emotional Connection


Product - Market fitment is not as easy as it sounds on a piece of paper or blog. You need to equip yourself and your team for an intense emotional drama as it unfolds. RSR has been incubating and supporting new products, new divisions and new companies, for more than 25 years now. This one day could change your life. Sign up fast, as we accept only 6 people per batch for this emotionally intense workshop that happens every Wednesday. 


T&M Consulting, Part time CEO, Co-founder, Equity partner. 

To confront truth requires a lot of courage is a fact already known to me..

But how to do that and to play with fear and the joy arising out of me this workshop is an awakening from within. Thank You. Thank you very much.

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We work across domains like brands, products, services, training, engineering, manufacturing etc.

Why driven marketing and why driven strategy..a big thanks to RSRi


Ramkumar R S, has been supporting new products and new initiatives since 1987. 


Our thought leadership integrates strategy, technology and leadership


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