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Suresh Sambandam - Founder & CEO, Kissflow Inc / Orangescape Technologies 

Ram was meticulous in his work and made sure cross functional coordination happened..this is not easy given that Kissflow is no longer a small startup. The projects that Ram worked are the kind of projects I never get time to work on but needs someone with a high level of maturity and understanding, especially hustle, to be able to embark on it and successfully complete it.

Abhishek Paul - Culture Shepherd, Kissflow

Having partnered with Ramkumar R S, I can vouch for the depth/breadth of expertise be it product/brand/leadership. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to create an impact in these areas.

Bhoovarahan Thirumalai - Founder & CEO, Aspiration Energy Pvt Ltd, Co-Founder Aspire Systems, Chennai.

Marketing is so intrinsically linked to strategy. Strategy is so intrinsically linked to goals of an organization. Goals are so linked to life philosophy. Our engagement with RSR has touched all the above areas. His constant questioning, linking every walk of the marketing function to the philosophy, goal and strategy are things that I have grown to relish. Execution is about task management and driving people, right? Ramkumar proves it wrong. He focuses on these unrelenting questions and gets the team to find answers with self drive. Why-driven marketing and why-driven strategy - Ramkumar, a big thanks. His leadership program also gave us a strong philosophical grounding and clarity on why we are doing what we are doing. Enjoyable and productive! I greatly recommend him. 

Abhishek Uniyal, Founder FnPlus Club

Ramkumar helped me bring clarity on the "why" of what I was doing. As soon as I found that, it helped me innovate, bring culture and attract the right people. If you're struggling with the same, I highly recommend a chat with him.

Vijay Ayyappan - CEO, Olympus Premedia, Chennai.

Ramkumar is an outstanding strategic marketing expert, providing his clients with highly strategic, insightful, and actionable recommendations that enable them to make immediate improvements.. At Olympus Premedia, we engaged Ram to provide strategic inputs to our Marketing Team and to provide personalized advice and recommendations. “Ram is always up to date on the latest trends. His recommendations and insights were always “right on target”.. Ram is a pleasure to work with, and is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He possesses a rare ability to quickly assess his client’s market position and transform that assessment into both “big picture” strategic recommendations, as well as very specific suggestions that have an immediate impact. 

Sai Pradeep - Vice President, Cloud Kinetics, Chennai.

Ram has mastered the art of questioning, He asks deeply probing questions, till he gets to the core or essence of the Organization. He helped us re-position and redesign all our marketing communication and brought a sharp focus on our capabilities and strengths. 

Varadharajan - Founder, Terra Tech Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Roping in RSR Innovations was one of the best things that happened to an early and very techie start-up like Terra Tech. When we first met, Terratech was more than a year old with several products developed for various business needs. The taxi fairmeter application evolved into a flagship product with the potential to generate more revenue. Though it was an innovative idea and first in the market, we struggled to stabilise it since there were operational issues that plagued the relationship between us and our first customer. RSR came in and the first thing he did was to make some subtle changes to the product offering. He engaged with the customer directly to understand what they want and bridged the “business” gap we had in the organisation. 

Soon, we had a way to record and track all our problems and solve them one by one. He continued to engage with the customer and used his experience to calm the customer down.. The mentorship he gave in helping me get out of the true techie shell and think in terms of a viable business was absolutely fantastic. Every time I thought I had a great idea, he was able to channel it through to ensure I stayed on course. He understood the product so very well and was able to articulate it as good or sometimes better than what as a founder I could. He helped me prepare VC pitches and PnL sheets.  

RSR continuously suggested key features that are so important to attract the market.. He also helped us adapt our existing product to suit another promising segment (BPO sector). While marketing is his forte, I recently saw another dimension of what RSR is capable of, he used his software architecture experience to help us move to the cloud based amazon web services to circumvent scaling issues. (Our original architecture was heavily dependent on a dedicated database server). I am very thankful for all the advice, mentoring and support that RSR Innovations provided us.

Velan Masilamani - Founder, Zingii, Chennai.

RSR has in-depth knowledge & real time experience on Goto Market Strategies and Business Plans... makes us self introspect wider & deeper about our Products/Services... opens up new horizons in our business thinking itself

Bala Murugan - Co-Founder, Chennai.

Ramkumar, being a strategic consultant puts himself in our shoes..understands the need of the hour and helps us to redefine the business plan to achieve our short term goals as well as long term vision. His experience as an entrepreneur reflects well while designing strategy for us.....Thank you Ramkumar for your valuable support.

Srinath Ranga - Founder, Ideyeah Solutions LLP, Chennai.

What I learnt from Ramkumar during the first few months is this : We all know we need “product market fit” with a good set of paying, successful customers in place... but, what you learn from those customers who said Yes and from those who said No, is much more important. 

V Jayakumar - Founder & Director, Autosys Engineering Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

We started our organisation with a weak marketing setup. After the involvement of Mr. Ramkumar we are able to channelise our reach to a vast customer base, through productive methods. He was instrumental in developing all our marketing support requirements and gave us good guidance on how to pitch and approach clients. With his write-ups and technical literatures, we are able to win many large value orders. He has set a path to make our company reach global clients. We respect and sincerely acknowledge his good work and contribution to our organisation. We look forward to a continued association with him over the long term. His simple thinking / advice on very complex matters are very useful. Out of box ideas and exemplary commitment to work are noteworthy. 

Shankar Krishnamoorthy - Founder & CEO, Techcello and Synergita Chennai.


We have engaged RSR Innovations to help us launch the product in the US, Europe and APAC market. RSR worked with us on product positioning, defining the market focus, pricing, etc. You can see his impact on the product and its positioning: simple, focussed and sharp. Today, Techcello is a Gartner Rated Cool Vendor, which very few companies can achieve. We owe this to RSR’s consistent and passionate efforts while talking to analysts. RSR has interacted with several of our prospects to position Techcello and to learn how customers can be benefitted. This has helped us in continuously refining the product strategy, and pricing. ( - Cloud ready Multi-tenant Application Development Platform for .NET) 


We have engaged RSR Innovations to help us on the product management for Synergita. RSR worked with our development team in defining the specifications for the product features and came up with many differentiators for positioning the product in the market. The product is now ready for commercial launch. ( - SaaS based Talent / Performance Management and Continuous Feedback system

Meena Rakesh - Co-Founder, First School Chennai.

My business plan was selected among the top 9 at the ISB program that I attended. I would like to personally thank Mr Ramkumar for his expertise which tremondously helped me to understand my business well. 

Abhishek Paul - Culture Shepherd, Kissflow

Having partnered with Ramkumar R S, I can vouch for the depth/breadth of expertise be it product/brand/leadership. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to create an impact in these areas.