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To ensure the privacy and dignity of the borrowing families, we can’t provide public access to these videos. You need to register with us before you could access them. We will also notify you when new videos are uploaded. 

How to Fund and Get Repaid?

Trust Breeds Trust. Global Average for Micro Loan Repayments are 95%-98%*

Watch the Videos available on the Video feed and choose the family. 

Chat with them, Talk to them, Make a Video call on their Whatsapp No.

Exchange Google Pay No / Bank account details.

Send Rs 10,000 to their account and ask them to repay 1100 for 10 months to your account.

This is not compulsory, but if you want to derive more meaning out of your savings, keep in touch with them on their Whatsapp No and mentor them with your intelligence and knowledge.

Please keep us intimated (With Video ID) so that we can move their video from the Waiting section to the Success Section.

This is a Social Impact Initiative with no commercial benefit to RSRi or Ramkumar R S

(Have you ever wondered why the savings bank interest is 4%, RD is 6% but Personal Loans and Micro Finance Loans cost 24% to 36%)

Fund a Low Income Family

Give Rs 10,000 and Get Back Rs 1100 X 10

Siru Thuli (சிறு துளி) - as in Small Drops make an Ocean - is an Impact Saving Initiative.

If you have 10K to spare, lend it to a low income family in need. It is not a donation or charity. Let the family pay you back 1100 Rupees per month for 10 months. 

Whenever you have some extra idle funds, you can come back here to find another new family. You could do it once a month, or as frequently as you can.

The beauty of Impact Savings : The more people you impact, the more you save and the more you will get back. For example if you pledge Rs 10,000 per month and also pool back the repayments, you can impact 160 families in 36 months.

You don't have to be an NGO to make an impact. And you don't have to do charity. You just have to be smart and intelligent.