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Participant feedback (2017)
The Meta-Physics of the Privacy Debate (2017)

The secret of being intelligent (2016)
Transforming Television Content (2016)
What NOT to expect from Experts, Mentors and Sales people (2015)
The leadership quagmire founders often face in startups 

TiE Chennai May 2012 
Chasing the Puck : Demystifying Visionary leadership and Team Synergy 

Economy Lead 
Column / Articles 

Deccan Chronicle 
Article on RSR by Tuba Raqshan 

Indian Express 
Article on "Breeze A Love Story" by Naveena Vijayan 

Synergita White Paper 

The Evolving Enterprise : Efficiency, Scale, Execution : What next? 

Synergita White Paper 
Is Attrition the only reason why you should invest on your people? 

Synergita White Paper 
Performance Management for New Age Organizations? 

ICTAT-NASSCOM Bridge 2011 Conference 
People are not be managed like money and materials 

Business Mandate - Madras Management Association (2006) 
The Purpose of our Corporate existence 

Voice & Data (2009) 
Holy Grail of Content on Demand 

Voice & Data (2006)
Digital Music - The Distribution game 

Book Published by Writers Workshop Kolkata
Breeze - A Love story

Sulekha Blogs 
Ramkumar R S on Sulekha 

Lecture talk - NIPM Pondichery (2005)

In Search of the Soul - in teams and organizations

HR-era (2005) 
Synergistic Emergence and its implications on Leadership (Updated 2011) (2005) 
Hello Consumer Speaking from India (2005) 
In Search of the Soul 

HR-era (2005) 
Art and Science of Entrepreneurial Leadership (e-Book)

Paper presented in the UGC Seminar, Sociology Dept, Madras Univ (2004) 
Synergistic Emergence in the context of Organizations 

"SMT Contract Manufacturing" - Strategy paper - NEPCON-CII International Conference (1998) 

"Low Volume Assembly of SMT Boards" - Technology paper - SMTA Annual Convention (1997) 

"Art and Science of Troubleshooting" - 7 Day Residential training program for Defence maintenance personal (1999) 


Pechakucha Night - Chennai May 2016

Bliss Catchers - Odyssey Book Store Chennai June 2016